PRODUCT NAME:  Wealthy Affiliate


PRICE:  $0 (Starter) then $49 monthly, with a yearly option

OWNERS:  Kyle & Carson

WEBSITE:  www.firedmyboss.siterubix.com


Hello everyone!  My name is Norman, and I’m doing this a little different.   I’ve been down the hard road, and I know it isn’t a happy place.  Becoming comfortable can cause life to sneak up on you when you least expect it.  Leaving you feel as if there’s no way out!  One of the first things a person typically does when they’ve had their “I’ve had enough” moment is they examine their lives, and it usually ends up with them seeking financial independence.  I’m here to show you that there is solutions, only if you’re willing to seek them!

With that said, typically a review is going to explain why or why not to try a certain product. These are “need to know” details that give you complete trust that this product can work for you.  I’m not your typical blogger, nor am I the typical person you would meet everyday.  I have somewhat of a different approach, and I hope that you can benefit from it, regardless of your experience or background.  SHALL WE BEGIN?


  • Great community
  • Constant support
  • Unlimited training
  • Networking with other entrepreneurs with the same goals.
  • Finding your calling (niche)
  • Multiple websites that can bring great results financially!
  • and many more…


I’m not going to be biased on this part, even though I use the platform for all my websites, even the ones that I own personally.  But,  I feel the training can be too thorough if there is such a thing.  Another one, would to be to make sure you are checking for updates in certain training courses.  Fortunately! You can request one, and it’s updated fairly quickly to keep momentum going.


The great thing about financial independence is it’s for everyone!…you just have to put your mind into it.  Remind yourself of all the things you’ve applied yourself to before, and how you accomplished it.  Now use that same belief!  If you’re just starting a business and you have the skill of building websites, then this will be a cake walk.  If you’re just beginning and you have no idea what to do, or where to start…again, this is perfect for you.  There is non-stop support, and the training is very thorough leaving you confident that nothing will stop you from achieving your goals.  Lastly, if you’re a business owner who needs a refresher course about software updates, or you just simply need to catch up with the times to create and generate more traffic, reaching a different crowd.  This is business savvy!


  • Getting Started
  •  WA Affiliate Program
  •  Keyword, Niche and Market Research
  •  Everything WordPress
  •  Authoring & Writing Content
  •  Search Engine Optimization
  •  Social Engagement & Marketing
  •  Website Development & Programming
  •  Local Marketing
  •  Video Marketing
  •  Email Marketing
  •  The Wealthy Affiliate Platform
  •  Pay Per Click Marketing


This is perhaps the most important part of being successful.  Having a community that will absolutely go to bat for you!  I can’t remember a moment when I had a question that wasn’t answered in a timely fashion.  Rather quickly to be honest!  This community is full of business owners, and like minded people of all types.  They’re right at your finger tips to help you troubleshoot, or to answer any questions needed to successfully complete your desired work.  Once again, I can’t stress how important this is!


For starters, you get to try it free!  Where else can you find that?  I honestly couldn’t.  Then, upon beginning your Starter Membership you’ll have seven days to get tons of training, along with two free websites to begin building within the niche of your choosing.  After, you can upgrade to a premium membership for $49 a month.  If you’d rather get a yearly plan…then it would be $359 per year.  No getting you into a webinar to squeeze a few hundred, or even thousands out of you… just to find that you have to pay thousands more just to get started.  Not here!  It took me a while when doing my due diligence to find the right fit for me, and It’s perhaps one of the greatest decisions I’ve made to this day.


I’ve been a premium member at Wealthy Affiliate for a while now.  I haven’t been able to find such a place else where.  I absolutely recommend it to anyone seeking to get out of the dreaded 9 to 5 grind.  I wouldn’t recommend quitting your job right away because it’s gonna take some time.  But, putting it into action by witnessing your skills and knowledge increase are tremendous momentum builders!  I absolutely needed this when I started, because I knew nothing about internet marketing.  I hope this was very helpful for you!  And, I want to see you in the community today!  “Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right.”  See you within the community, and let’s make a difference!

Your friend,


p.s.  please feel free to comment or to leave any questions you need answered.